scores, scoring, scored
(In meaning 10, the plural form is score.)
1) VERB In a sport or game, if a player scores a goal or a point, they gain a goal or point.

[V n] Against which country did Ian Wright score his first international goal?...

[V n] England scored 282 in their first innings...

Gascoigne almost scored in the opening minute.

2) VERB If you score a particular number or amount, for example as a mark in a test, you achieve that number or amount.

[V n] Kelly had scored an average of 147 on three separate IQ tests...

[V adv] Congress as an institution scores low in public opinion polls.

3) N-COUNT Someone's score in a game or test is a number, for example, a number of points or runs, which shows what they have achieved or what level they have reached.

The U.S. Open golf tournament was won by Ben Hogan, with a score of 287...

Robin Smith made 167, the highest score by an England batsman in this form of cricket...

There was also a strong link between children's low maths scores and parents' numeracy problems.

4) N-COUNT The score in a game is the result of it or the current situation, as indicated by the number of goals, runs, or points obtained by the two teams or players.

4-1 was the final score...

They beat the Giants by a score of 7 to 3...

Even in Zurich he kept up with the County cricket scores.

5) VERB If you score a success, a victory, or a hit, you are successful in what you are doing. [WRITTEN]

[V n] His abiding passion was ocean racing, at which he scored many successes...

[V n] In recent months, the rebels have scored some significant victories...

[V n] Soldiers using a multiple rocket launcher scored a direct hit on the steeple of a church.

6) N-COUNT The score of a film, play, or similar production is the music which is written or used for it.

The dance is accompanied by an original score by Henry Torgue.

...the composer of classic film scores such as West Side Story.

7) N-COUNT The score of a piece of music is the written version of it.

He recognizes enough notation to be able to follow a score.

8) VERB If you score a piece of music, you write it or arrange it for specific instruments or voices.

[V n] Strauss spent much of 1941 scoring his last opera, Capriccio...

[V n for n] He has mastered enough of the complexities of arrangement to write and score a piece for a chamber music ensemble.

9) QUANT: QUANT of pl-n (emphasis) If you refer to scores of things or people, you are emphasizing that there are very many of them. [WRITTEN]

Campaigners lit scores of bonfires in ceremonies to mark the anniversary.

You can also use scores as a pronoun.

Two people were killed and scores were injured.

10) NUM: usu a/num NUM A score is twenty or approximately twenty. [WRITTEN]

It's thought a score of countries may be either producing or planning to obtain chemical weapons...

The company already has around four score titles commissioned and planned for publication...

The Bible states that the life of man is three score and ten.

11) VERB If you score a surface with something sharp, you cut a line or number of lines in it.

[V n] Lightly score the surface of the steaks with a sharp cook's knife.

12) VERB If someone scores drugs, they buy them illegally. [INFORMAL]

[V n] Me and my mate went to score a kilo of amphetamine down in London. [Also V]

13) PHRASE: usu PHR after v If things happen or exist by the score, they happen or exist in large numbers.

The companies brought out new products by the score.

14) PHRASE: V inflects, oft PHR of n If you keep score of the number of things that are happening in a certain situation, you count them and record them.

You can keep score of your baby's movements before birth by recording them on a kick chart.

15) PHRASE: V inflects If you know the score, you know what the real facts of a situation are and how they affect you, even though you may not like them. [SPOKEN]

I don't feel sorry for Carl. He knew the score, he knew what he had to do and couldn't do it.

16) PHRASE You can use on that score or on this score to refer to something that has just been mentioned, especially an area of difficulty or concern.

I became pregnant easily. At least I've had no problems on that score...

If someone you know has cancer, don't let worry on this score stop you from visiting them.

in that respect, in this respect
17) PHRASE: V and N inflect, PHR n If you score a point over someone, or score points off them, you gain an advantage over them, usually by saying something clever or making a better argument.

The Prime Minister was trying to score a political point over his rivals...

The politicians might be forced to touch on the real issues rather than scoring points off each other.

18) PHRASE: V and N inflect If you settle a score or settle an old score with someone, you take revenge on them for something they have done in the past.

The groups had historic scores to settle with each other.

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